Lampiris Transparency

UnitFuelTypeStart OutageEnd OutageInstalled Capacity (MW)Unavailable Capacity (MW)Available Capacity (MW)Last UpdateStatus
Plate Taille 4HydroUnplanned6/12/2017 06:0013/12/2017 06:00353505/12/2017 15:01Active
Plate Taille 3HydroPlanned17/11/2017 07:0017/11/2017 12:003535015/11/2017 12:08Active
Plate Taille 2HydroUnplanned2/11/2017 00:008/11/2017 18:00353508/11/2017 18:15Active
Plate Taille 2HydroPlanned6/11/2017 00:0020/11/2017 00:00353506/11/2017 08:25Active
Plate Taille 4HydroPlanned31/10/2017 06:006/12/2017 17:003535028/11/2017 10:00Active
Plate Taille 1HydroUnplanned30/10/2017 08:0030/10/2017 09:303535030/10/2017 08:00Active
Plate Taille 4HydroUnplanned26/10/2017 13:0027/10/2017 00:003535027/10/2017 13:23Active
Plate Taille 3HydroUnplanned26/10/2017 13:0027/10/2017 00:003535027/10/2017 13:23Active
Plate Taille 2HydroUnplanned26/10/2017 13:0027/10/2017 00:003535027/10/2017 13:23Active
Plate Taille 1HydroUnplanned26/10/2017 13:0027/10/2017 00:003535027/10/2017 13:23Active
Plate Taille 3HydroUnplanned10/10/2017 09:3010/10/2017 10:303535010/10/2017 09:38Active
Plate Taille 1HydroUnplanned6/10/2017 09:006/10/2017 12:00353506/10/2017 09:10Active
Plate Taille 2HydroUnplanned24/09/2017 10:0025/09/2017 08:003535025/09/2017 15:42Active
Plate Taille 2HydroPlanned14/09/2017 09:3014/09/2017 10:303535025/09/2017 15:42Active
Plate Taille 2HydroUnplanned4/09/2017 08:0013/09/2017 08:303535025/09/2017 15:42Active
Plate Taille 4HydroPlanned3/04/2017 06:0031/10/2017 06:003535025/09/2017 15:42Active

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As required under Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT), this page provides information on the planned maintenance and unplanned unavailability of infrastructure operated by Lampiris. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of posting, no warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of that information.